Infer’s Salesforce AppExchange App

We’re excited to share our AppExchange App just in time for Dreamforce! It includes custom fields, pre-built dashboards, and a configuration tab to define your lead buckets. You are welcome to install the package and check it out, but we’ll need to build you a model to light up the scores. The process is fully automated so it requires no work on your part. We have pre-built connectors for Salesforce, Eloqua, and Marketo. If you’re interested in learning more, contact us and we’ll get you started.

Infer's AppExchange Listing

Lead List View

The day you go live your reps will click on the leads tab just as they do every day. Only now they’ll see this new column for sorting by Infer score. The leads at the top of the list are far more likely to convert, so that’s where they’ll want to focus their energy.

Leads Sorted by Infer Score

Configuration Settings

Infer lets you determine what a good lead is. In this example anything with an Infer Score of 75 or greater.
Define your break points and what constitutes a "good lead"

Infer Insight Dashboard

This AppExchange package includes a set of pre-build dashboards. Down below you can see that the A&B leads have dramatically higher conversion and they represent the bulk of pipeline being generated. You can also see lead quality by source and good leads sitting in nurture.
See how the A&B Leads have higher conversion and win rates

Infer Demo

See a 2 minute demo of how companies are using Infer’s Predictive Lead Scoring inside Salesforce.

Transform Your Pipeline Today

See Firsthand How Infer Uses Your Own Data To Create Custom Scoring Models