Box, Tableau, Nitro at Eloqua Experience #EE13

October 23rd to 25th, Eloqua is hosting their annual conference for Modern Marketers. There are several terrific opportunities to see how forward thinking companies are using Infer and Eloqua together to dramatically increase conversion.

#1 Nitro Gets Top Spot on Eloqua Monthly Newsletter
In the October issue of Eloqua’s monthly newsletter, Nitro was featured front and center. Sean Zinsmeister has a great post on the Topliners Community explaining how they use predictive scoring to funnel leads down a B2B or B2C sales path. It is a quick two minute read. If you’re interested in talking with Sean reach out over LinkedIn and see if you can connect with him at the conference.

#2 Optimizing the Demand Waterfall with Predictive Scoring, Analytics & Eloqua Magic
Mark your calendars. Friday 10/25 from 11-12 in Continental 4. This is going to be a terrific session featuring Wade Tibke, Director of Demand Gen and Operations at Tableau.

tableau-logo-USE-THIS-ONE-300x160 (1) Learn how Tableau Software combines advanced predictive modeling, analytics and Eloqua magic to drive performance within the demand waterfall. The results of these efforts include a 30 percent increase in sales qualified leads (SQLs), better lead management and follow-up, 100 percent year-over-year revenue growth, plus one of the most successful technology IPOs in 2013. See how every inbound and outbound leads is scored based on it probability of becoming an SQL, based on existing data as well as hundreds of additional attributes, and then learn how Tableau Software was able to increase the volume, conversion, and quality.

#3 Drop by the Infer Booth or Schedule a Meeting
If you’re going to be at the conference, drop by our booth, #511. We’re going to be giving away some awesome custom Nike running shoes. We can give you a quick demo of the app or schedule some time to meet with Infer’s product experts. You can email Mike Cabot if you want to set something up.

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