#InferClock Campaign

ClockDreamforce has become a huge event and we’re always looking for new ways to stand out. We’ve had a lot of fun with our shoe campaign, but thought we’d try something different this year.

We came across this clocks and thought it’d be a great conversation starter on the show floor. What is it? I’ll give you a couple clues:

  • The clock calibrates itself
  • Its hand would be in the same position whether you are in Tokyo, Paris or New York
  • There aren’t very many of these clocks in the world today (and most of them are in the MOMA)
  • The concept is very new and very very old at the same time
  • Four year olds are often able to solve this riddle faster than adults

The answer… It’s a Seasonal Clock

At Dreamforce we’re going to give away 50 of them, one every hour.

So how does this tie in with our brand? Well, at Infer we’re all about innovation, simplicity, and big picture thinking. We help companies distill mountains of information down into a simple score. In our case, that score provides a standard definition of what a good customer looks like and who is likely to buy. By thinking at that altitude, we give you a much better pulse on your business so you can quickly identify opportunities to unlock value.

We hope that the winners of these clocks will take them back to the office and hang them on their wall as a reminder of what they can accomplish in a season or a year.

Below is a video by Scott Thrift (the creator of the clocks), explaining his vision. If you’d like to buy one and support the cause, they’re available on the MOMA website.

We’ll update this post later in the week with more on the reactions we’re hearing to the Seasonal Clock. In the meantime, feel free to @mention me on twitter (@jamiegrenney) if you’ve got a fun story to share.

We look forward to seeing you at Dreamforce!

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