Infer Extends Profile Management to the Oracle Marketing Cloud

Customers can now use engagement data from Eloqua to build lead, contact and account-based profiles in Infer Profile Management

We’re excited to announce that Infer Profile Management now supports Eloqua engagement data, allowing customers to take their segmentation and profiling one step further and ensure that they’re sending the right message to the right person at the right time. While customers like Tableau and Avalara have been using Infer Predictive Scoring with Eloqua for a while, we’re happy to now extend that seamless connection to users of the Infer Profile Management platform as well.

For those who aren’t yet familiar with Infer Profile Management, it’s a self-service solution that gives marketers and sales reps unprecedented control in targeting their ideal customer profiles for more personalized outreach. The platform joins your company’s internal records with signals from Infer’s data cloud, which contains hundreds of individual attributes and useful data points for use in segmenting your database. With this full spectrum of information, Infer Profile Management lets you easily build profiles over lead, contact, account and opportunity data directly from your CRM system. To bring this to life, here’s a real-world use case of Infer Profile Management from our customer Looker:

In addition to engagement data from sources like Google Analytics and Marketo, Eloqua data can now be pulled directly into the Profile Management interface so you can build dynamic segments at the lead, contact and account levels. Once you decide to publish these profiles, Infer will index your entire CRM system to identify any leads, contact and/or accounts that meet your specific definitions of engagement (such as “Infer A-Accounts, that attended a webinar in the last month and use Amazon Web Services”), and then tag those records across your systems for follow up.

Infer Profile Management’s addition of Eloqua engagement data allows you to:

  • Enhance your account-based sales and marketing tactics by immediately tagging engaged accounts in your CRM for more aggressive follow up at the right times
  • Gain visibility into your most highly-engaged accounts and contacts
  • Easily hyper-target your database in order to deliver personalized follow up based on specific behaviors and engagement
  • Bridge the sales and marketing divide by making Eloqua’s marketing engagement data more useful and accessible for sales

Contact us today for a demo of how Profile Management can help you connect, define and engage your prospect database.


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