Infer Joins Marketo Launchpoint

Marketo Launchpoint - InferWe are excited to announce that Infer’s predictive lead scoring solution is now available via the Marketo Launchpoint ecosystem. In order to accurately predict which are your hottest prospects, it looks at a wide variety of signals from both inside and outside your organization.

Because Infer uses external data, we can provide accurate scores for your leads as soon as they come in rather than waiting for activity data to build up. This instantaneous, predictive approach lets you to rush the best leads to sales as soon as they’re created. And the Infer score also works with Marketo Sales Insight, so you can seamlessly combine our advanced predictive scoring with the investments you have already made.  In fact, our customers who have developed activity-based scoring models in Marketo frequently continue to leverage them, using Infer as a complementary explicit score to.

To make this whole process incredibly easy, we’ve developed pre-built connectors for, Eloqua, Pardot, and now Marketo. As we create data models for a client, we use these connectors to tap into important data from your marketing automation or CRM platform. We then leverage machine learning to identify which signals are statistically significant in predicting your winners. We consider thousands of data points, including historical won/lost information, marketing automation insights, as well as external signals we capture by crawling the web.

Marketo - InferAfter the model has been reviewed and its accuracy tested, you can flip the switch and turn scoring on. Inside of Marketo, you’ll have a new field called “Infer Score” that you can use to route leads, trigger workflows, or report on the success of your campaigns — all within the standard Marketo interface.

With over 2,700 customers and many joint clients, Marketo is an important partner for us. If you have questions about the connector or Infer in general, contact us. We’d love to share more details and get you started!

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