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Get a quick explanation of how Infer works, what goes into the model, and how it is used by sales and marketing.

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What if you applied predictive intelligence to sales and marketing?

That’s Infer’s mission. We help companies achieve significant lift in win rates and conversion using the same statistical techniques as Google and

You see, Sales Automation and Marketing Automation have done a terrific job of structuring the funnel and capturing transactional data.

  • But what percentage of your time is spent on prospects who don’t convert? 50%, maybe more?
  • And on the flip side, how often do you give up on a prospect one touch, too soon?


Infer uses state-of-the-art computer science to help you accurately predict winners. We can highlight which prospects are most likely to convert, and which are going to have the biggest revenue impact.

At each stage in the funnel this insight helps eliminate wasted energy. You can focus your resources where you’ve got the best shot at winning. And whether you’re selling to existing customers, prospects, or or a totally new market, Infer surfaces opportunities you might not have otherwise seen.

This is the approach being taken by some of the fastest growing companies on the planet.

And the beauty is, it is easy to implement. It is a cloud-based solution that can be turned on in a matter of days without disrupting existing workflows.

Let’s take a look at how it works.

With nothing more than a name and an email address, Infer can identify hundreds of attributes about the individual and the organization they work for. Things like relevant job postings, employee count, patent filings, social presence, website traffic, and even the technology vendors they use.

We then put the lead or the contact into the predictive model.

The model uses machine learning to understand what a good customer looks. To train it using historical data from your sales and marketing applications. Things like converted leads, wins and losses, account profiles, and purchase history. All that goes into the model.

When you push through a new record, Infer returns a simple score. Is it a hot prospect? Is it a low quality lead? Or maybe it’s just on the cusp.

So what does this mean for Marketing? Instead of looking in the rear-view mirror and waiting to see which leads convert, Infer gives you instant insight. That change in orientation lets you place the right bets and get to qualified prospects faster than the competition.

How about Sales? Well to use a baseball analogy, it is an opportunity to increase the batting average for all your reps. If a good rep can work 100 leads a month, we’re going to make sure they are swinging at strikes.

We think this is the biggest paradigm shift we’ll see in the next 5-10 years. If company A is leveraging Infer and achieving 100% lift in win rates or conversion, it’d be irrational for company b not to follow suit. Not just to compete, but to survive.

This is not like your typical enterprise deployment that takes months. We run your data through the model and present the results. If it looks good, you flip the switch and see immediate lift. This is an amazing opportunity to be a hero within your organization!

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