Just Do It: Infer’s Champions Create Lift

Here at Infer, we’re building a brand from scratch and are always looking for new ways to stand out. A couple months back, we were trying to come up with a giveaway for our top customers. We thought about different types of shirts and jackets, but lots of cool apparel ideas have already been done. People have too much corporate schwag, and it always ends up in the bottom drawer or the back of the closet.

Proven to Create Lift

We were having a tough time coming up with something fun and memorable that people would actually use, so I took a break and went down to the gym to workout — then it hit me. Everyone enjoys a new pair of running shoes, especially a really cool pair. It’s something that you might put off or go more conservative with when buying for yourself. Once we came up with the campaign idea, we set out to answer several questions we had for ourselves along the way…

How will it tie in with our brand?
Our product is all about creating lift (in sales conversions, that is). It’s about running faster than your competition. So we’re giving people something that gives them that feeling of speed and agility. Using Nike ID, we were able to customize some really awesome shoes that closely fit our color pallet. We also added “Create Lift” and “Infer” on the tongue, which is subtle, but works perfectly. It’s more important to us that people feel good about wearing them vs. being a walking billboard.

How many different shoes should we design?
We had a lot of fun with this, and ended up designing 24 different styles. We decided the more, the merrier, and maybe it would even get our customers thinking about the differentiation Infer gives them over their competition. While they’re all in the same color pallet, each has it’s own personality. We wanted variety so people would get excited about their specific pair of shoes. It’s fun to hear customers talk about the pair they got and debate which ones are the coolest, and it’s a great bond our top advocates can share.Infer Shoes

Will people actually wear the shoes?
We hope they get put to use, whether it’s wearing them to the gym or the office. I’m sure some people may just keep them in their closet in pristine condition. But who knows, maybe they’ll hold onto them for years, and one day, when we go public, they’ll be collectors items!

Are shoes worth the investment?
We’re building a new category. Predictive lead scoring isn’t something that’s generally understood yet, and winning the hearts and minds of early adopters is huge for us. We know our product already kicks butt, so the next most important things we need to do are fuel customer advocacy, make our customers part of a special club, and keep Infer top of mind for them. Buying 100 pairs of shoes is roughly equivalent to retaining a PR firm for a month, and “feet on the street” are pretty powerful.

Infer Shoes

We’ve been hearing great customer feedback, and are excited to start spreading the love to more Infer champions. We’ll be giving the Nikes away to prospective customers at next week’s Eloqua Experience conference (booth #511) and next month’s Dreamforce (booth #2312 Moscone North), but we’re taking a bit of a different approach. Rather than pull business cards out of a fish bowl for a drawing at the end of the week, we’re using our own data science and predictive lead scoring technology to score leads in real-time during the events.

When someone visits our booth, we’ll be able to tell right away if they’re a good fit for our product by crunching a ton of signals about them and their company – from spam indicators, to relevant job postings, employee count, website traffic, and even the technology vendors their company uses. If they get an Infer Score of 80 or above, we’ll enter them to win a pair of perfect kicks and see if we can make them a hero within their organization.


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