Infer’s Predictive Insights From Across The Web

It’s been an exciting couple of months at Infer — from product announcements and company updates to industry insights and best practices, we’ve had a lot to talk about. This “In The News” roundup highlights Infer’s insights around the web, including how our customers are seeing success with predictive and why hyper-segmentation is enabling B2B marketers to turn data into actionable intelligence that drives real revenue.

As the proliferation of sales apps increases, sales is taking marketing into its own hands, and marketers are being asked to give up some turf at the top of funnel. Infer CEO, Vik Singh, shares tips for how sales and marketing can stay in sync as companies’ sales stack inches towards marketing automation:

“If you work to solidify your goals, unify your stack, and establish which departments own which data and workflows, your GTM culture and targets will stay intact regardless of which new tools come and go.”

Companies that have figured out how to utilize data to create deeper personalization are improving the overall customer experience, winning more deals and generating more revenue dollars. Check out our marketing guru Sean Zinsmeister’s MarketingLand piece on how companies can use hyper-segmentation to unearth the best-fit customers and expand into new markets.

“With this insight, you can relentlessly focus on seeking out the best buyers for your product, and then make the process programmatic across your sales and marketing team so you can scale. Hyper-segmentation builds confidence through statistical measurement, so you know you’re focusing on the right areas and reducing the likelihood of massive opportunity cost.”

While it’s still important for any business to comprehend the demographic and firmographic makeup of its customers, we’re now seeing marketers begin to adopt an invaluable new lens, called technography, that attempts to better understand a customer by analyzing its technology stack. Over at VentureBeat, Vik and Sean tackle why technography matters and how companies can leverage it to their advantage.

“It’s time now for business-to-business companies to take notice of this opportunity and look just as closely at their prospects’ and customers’ technology stacks. Everything from their office productivity and project management tools to their CRM and Marketing Automation systems can inform your go-to-market strategies and messages.”

Marketo has generated hundreds of millions in revenue, and is growing 40 percent year-over-year. Vik Singh provides his perspective on why acquiring Marketo would be a strategic way for an enterprise company eyeing a piece of Salesforce’s business to obtain a foothold into their accounts.

“If you want to make headway in the CRM or analytics space, you need a solid marketing automation system — the ultimate gatekeeper of the funnel. It’s the perfect trojan horse for tapping into CRM and co-existing with Salesforce.”

In this TechTarget article, Infer customer InsightSquared talks about how Infer’s Predictive Lead Scoring and Predictive Account Scoring have enabled them to prioritize lead flow and drive efficiencies within their business development team.

“We were able to suppress a significant portion of our lead flow that was low value,” Adam von Reyn, director of growth marketing, said. “The team could spend more time working with high-value leads — which convert three times as highly as the rest.”

On the heels of our recent release of the Profile Management Platform, we announced a 500% uptick in existing customer spend over the past quarter. We also saw our highest ever increase in new annual recurring revenue (ARR). These figures represent the success our customers are seeing using predictive to power growth and efficiency in their own businesses — which we couldn’t be more excited about!  

Last but not least in our news round-up, Infer received an Honorable Mention on this year’s CRM Watchlist, which recognizes the most impactful companies in the CRM space.

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