Infer’s Sean Zinsmeister Talks AI in B2B Marketing, Best Practices and More

If you’re in B2B marketing or sales, chances are you’ve heard a lot of talk about things like account-based marketing and predictive analytics lately. Our very own Sean Zinsmeister is making the rounds in the headlines recently too, offering up his thoughts on those hot topics and more. From 2016 predictions to best practices, here’s a roundup of Sean’s insights from around the web.

As artificial intelligence technology gives us more data than ever, B2B marketers are taking a cue from B2C marketers on how to transform large amounts of data into actionable intelligence. In this Technology Advice podcast, Infer’s Senior Director of Product Marketing, Sean Zinsmeister, chats with TA about how predictive analytics are transforming B2B marketing by empowering a more strategic and personalized customer experience.

“The more we get to know the types of people that are interacting with us online, the more we can really structure a great conversation. At the end of the day, the key [to using data] is to solve market problems. When you start focusing on solving market problems… you’re automatically using data to improve the customer experience.”

Critical customer data is spread out all over the place, including across the web as well as systems inside and outside a company. Over on the Marketo Blog, Sean gives marketers tangible best practices on how to use predictive solutions to reinvent their approach to prospect management.

“Today, you can pinpoint the best net new prospects with unprecedented precision–a better way to feed hungry salespeople and avoid forfeiting deals you don’t know about to your competition.”

It’s a no-brainer that the sales and marketing world is rapidly evolving and 2016 will bring even more growth. Read more to find out which five key changes Sean predicts we’ll see in the B2B space this year.

“Powerful automation and sophisticated data science aren’t enough. It’s important to keep in mind that the roles, behaviors and processes of marketing and sales folks must adapt as well.”

Predictive analytics brings a whole new perspective to how marketers are developing and executing against their ABM, or account-based marketing, strategy. On Business2Community, Sean shares four best practices for how marketers can leverage predictive in their ABM strategy.

“…it’s no longer a pipe dream to be able to identify the universe of accounts that are a good fit for your product and deliver personalization at scale. ABM has the potential to open up entirely new revenue channels and marketing tactics.”

LeanData’s Adam New-Waterson sets the record straight on what ABM means for marketers and how it will enable them to be more results-focused than ever before. Infer’s Sean Zinsmeister is also quoted on how smart ABM strategies can enable marketers to fill the marketing funnel faster and, in turn, increase revenue.

“Marketers can’t afford to sit back and wait for all prospects to show up at their doorstep. They need to be filling the top of the funnel with outbound, or net-new, lead generation to feed sales reps and increase potential revenue. The last thing businesses want to do is forfeit a good account simply because they weren’t aware of it.“

Smart marketers don’t rest on their laurels; they evolve their skills to stay on the cutting edge of their field. In this expert roundup on Direct Marketing News, Sean shares his perspective on why mastering ABM is a must-have skill for marketers in the new year.

“ABM has the potential to open up new revenue channels now that all companies can easily identify best-fit accounts and deliver personalization at scale—via advertising, direct marketing, and more.”

Sean Zinsmeister is at it again, discussing how predictive analytics impacts account-based marketing and why are both such a hot topic right now.

“Predictive helps prioritize how you engage with the right customers when you have a large amount of customer data. It’s all about finding out who your best-fit customers are and then learning how to reach these customers.”

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