Joe and Cassie join the Infer Engineering team!

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At Infer, we are revolutionizing sales and marketing operations in companies using data intelligence, and building products that our customers love.  But one thing that we believe is a truly crucial ingredient in building a successful enterprise company is having a world-class engineering team.

That’s why today, we are beyond excited to welcome two amazing new additions to our team — Joe Gershenson from Facebook, and Cassie Doll from Google!

Joe joins us from Facebook’s infrastructure engineering team, where his work focused on using large data sets to prepare datacenters for disaster scenarios. Before Facebook, he founded GazeHawk, a YCombinator-funded startup which built eye-tracking software using computer vision and machine learning techniques. Joe has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Carnegie Mellon, and is a good guy to ask if you have urgent questions about model checking omega cellular automata.

Cassie joins us as a Staff Engineer from Google.  During her eight-year tenure there, she co-founded Google Currents, guided the API of OpenSocial, and contributed to FriendConnect and various other projects. Cassie has a BS from UC Berkeley, in addition to two dogs and two cats.

We are super jazzed about having these two awesome engineers join the team this month!

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