New Relic Wins 2016 Demand Program of the Year

It’s always exciting when one of the outstanding predictive innovators in the Infer customer community is recognized for their forward-looking approach. We are thrilled to congratulate Baxter Denny, Isaac Wyatt and the New Relic team on winning a SiriusDecisions 2016 Demand Program of the Year Award. This impressive achievement celebrates their success using predictive analytics over the past four years to create demand for New Relic’s software analytics products.

New Relic Predictive Marketing Success

One of our earliest customers, New Relic leverages Infer’s Behavior Scoring and Fit Scoring for both individual leads and B2B accounts. The marketing ops team uses a combination of predictive scores that measure both which prospects are a good fit for their product, as well as which are currently in-market and ready to buy:

New Relic Predictive Scoring Best Practices

As you can see, New Relic uses the letters A-E to represent high-to-low behavior groups of prospects, and the numbers 1-5 to represent high-to-low fit. They then route any incoming free-trial leads that fall into the upper-left of the Infer grid directly to sales reps, which supplements the flow of leads from high-value forms or “contact me” requests. This two-dimensional view helps the team find what would otherwise be hidden segments of leads, interpate buying behavior and prioritize daily sales engagement.

“Infer helps us better prioritize our top sales leads by looking across two dimensions: whether they are a great fit for New Relic software analytics, and whether they’re currently exhibiting buying behavior. We use Infer’s dynamic scoring to provide the right contacts to our sales team at the right time.” — Baxter Denney, VP, Growth Marketing, New Relic


  • Increased conversion performance by 9.6X for top leads
  • Identified A-Leads that made up 51% of won business
  • Achieved 30% higher deal sizes by doubling down on the high-value prospects
  • Surfaced deals that close significantly sooner and more often than average

New Relic also uses Infer’s Predictive Lead Generation to find net new (non-trial) accounts and open up whole new revenue channels. In addition, they recently adopted the Infer Profile Management platform, which combines all of their sales and marketing data so they can build rich, descriptive profiles of ideal customers. As a result, the marketing team now has insight into — and can more effectively target — their most valuable personas and segments for greater impact.

For more details, check out SiriusDecisions’ report on its 2016 Demand Creation Programs of the Year.

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