Infer’s Billboard on Highway 101

Look for Infer’s Billboard as you’re driving northbound on 101 heading into the San Francisco. Below is a map. Let us know what you think of it and share your pictures of the billboard! You can @mention Infer and use the #predictwinners hashtag on twitter. It is our first foray into billboard advertising so we’re excited to see the response we get from prospects, customers, and new recruits.

Infer's Billboard - Highway 101

What did we learn in the process of creating our first Billboard?

  • Location, Location, Location — It is worth planning in advance or waiting for the right inventory. If you’re not able to hit the right audience or your billboard had an awkward sight line, it reduces the impact.
  • Keep It Short — It’s hard to say everything you want in 30 characters or less but big bold headlines grab attention.
  • Make Your Logo Smaller — Especially when you’re a new brand you’ve got to grab peoples attention with the headline. If it’s relevant and evokes an emotional response, they’ll look for the logo.

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