Predictive Meets Inbound Marketing

This week, we’re celebrating all things inbound at the annual HubSpot Inbound conference in Boston, and it’s been great to see the enthusiasm around this exploding breed of marketing.

What’s even more exciting are the many discussions around the rise of predictive. HubSpot is the latest software player to join the AI Spring, announcing today that it is adding basic predictive features to its product. This is a great way to get started with predictive if you want to minimize your marketing automation configuration burden, but don’t yet have a significant customer base or aren’t ready to jump fully into advanced predictive lead scoring.

And for those businesses that are looking to move up the predictive maturity curve, the new HubSpot Connect program builds on our existing integration partnership by bringing Infer’s premium predictive scores together with all types of other customer information in the HubSpot inbound marketing platform. Lots of hyper-growth organizations like BlazeMeter, Virool and Shoretel, and Hubspot themselves already use custom-fit Infer Scores alongside their HubSpot software. This lets them take advantage of the best data science and external buying signals available, so they can easily improve targeting and segmenting across their leads and contacts.

Infer - HubSpot Integration

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