Platform Updates: New Salesforce Reporting Package, Nested Subqueries in Profile Management, Raw Marketo Signals, Short Fields for Profiles, and More

Predictive Marketing Platform Updates August 2016

We’re excited to share all of our newest product features and updates in greater detail below for our August 2016 release:

New Salesforce Reporting Package

Our new Salesforce reporting package adds 24 new reports across Leads, Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities to help monitor performance of your Infer Fit and Behavior models directly within Salesforce. Reports in this package include:

  • Opportunity Velocity Reports
  • Campaign Performance Reports
  • Account to Closed Won Reports

Salesforce Campaign Performance Report
Campaign Performance Report


Salesforce Account to Closed Won Report
Account to Closed Won Report


Nested Subqueries

This feature brings enhancements to all profile types by joining those profiles with the Task and Campaign tables from Salesforce directly into the Profile Builder. By joining these records, you now can build profiles to hyper target prospects based on where they are in the sales cycle.

Use Case Example: you can set up call lists for your reps which include prospects with Infer A ratings, who do not have tasks of type = call logged against them. When your reps log into Salesforce, they will now have a list of hot prospects that they should be dialing into getting fed directly into their queues.

Nested Subquery image


Raw Marketo Signals

Building on last month’s Marketo ABM enhancements, we’ve added even more functionality to the Marketo connector for Profile Management to help you hyper target your most engaged prospects. Now that Profile Management contains granular data from Marketo, you can construct profiles based on conditions such as the specific websites a user has visited.

Use Case Example: by creating a profile of prospects who have ever visited your pricing page, you can surface the highest quality leads directly to your closing reps who can help educate your prospects about their purchasing options.

Raw Marketo Signals image

Short Fields for Profiles

Customers can now publish an “Infer: Profiles (Short)” field directly into Salesforce for each published profile from the Infer Profile Management Platform. You can use this short field in applications within Salesforce that were unavailable with the long text field, such as building a Queue view for your reps over a specific profile.

Use Case Example: you can use Profile Management to set up profiles that align with your territories. With the short text field, you can now create individual queues for each territories based on Infer: Profiles (Short) field.

Short Text fields for Infer Profiles


Unified Experience + New UI (Coming Soon)

Watch your inbox for an announcement coming in September showcasing the biggest product redesign in Infer’s history.

Predictive Marketing Platform UI Screenshot


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