Profile Management Product Updates: Account-Based Marketo Behavior Profiles, “Contains” Operator, and More


Since releasing Infer Profile Management to general availability in March, we’ve been hard at work collecting and implementing our customers’ post-launch feedback into the latest release of the platform. We’re excited to share all of our newest product features and updates in greater detail below.

Account-Based Marketo Activity Profiles

We’re deepening our integration with Marketo to extend users the ability to build data-rich, account-based profiles using their Marketo Activity behavioral data.

This powerful new feature helps companies take advantage of all the activity data housed in their Marketing Automation system and enhance their Account-Based Marketing efforts. For example, users can create a profile that will trigger an alert when any contact or lead from that specific account engages in activity on the company’s website. Now, reps will immediately know which target accounts are exhibiting high levels of buying behavior, and can better plan and tailor their outreach accordingly.

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“Any, All, or None” Selector

We’re introducing the “Any, All, or None” selector to give users the ability to easily create nested conditions when building profiles. This user-requested feature helps you develop more granular profiles that can be used to hyper-segment your existing database and ensure the delivery of the right message to the right audience.Any-All-None-1

“Contains” Operator

Now, users can add a powerful “contains” operator over any text field to build more accurate and granular target profiles. This new feature enables customers to create a profile that matches a specified key level or role (i.e. Title contains “director” or “operations”), then receive an alert when a lead that matches those conditions enters the system.



Members Tab and CSV Export

With just a few clicks, Profile Management allows for the export all of the members in a given profile to a CSV file without ever having to publish the profile to Salesforce. An added benefit of this feature is that it creates the flexibility to use Infer with any other system that also supports CSV files. For example, users can create a target profile in Infer using the platform’s external technographic signals, then export that profile to a CSV and push it to their advertising platform.members tab - csv-1


Profile Management users can now immediately push Infer Profile tags into Salesforce as soon as a profile is published or changes to a profile are saved. No more delays!

Interactive Screencast Walkthrough

In this new video, we take you on a guided tour of Profile Management to get you familiar with the core features of the platform, including how to build your first ideal target profile.

New Data Signals

We have a mantra at Infer: “Be vicious about getting data.” That sentiment is precisely why we’re excited about the 273 new signals we’ve added this month, which allow sales and marketing teams to build rich, meaningful profiles. A few examples of new external signals include detecting if businesses have a:

  • Career page
  • Press page
  • Pricing page
  • Trial offer

Click here to view the full list of newly added signals to Profile Management.

We’re encouraged by the success we’re already seeing our customers experience when they embed Infer Profiles into their growth strategies and workflows.

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