Platform Updates: New Infer Portal Interface and Behavior Model Support for Infer Glance

Predictive Marketing Platform Updates August 2016

We’re excited to share all of our newest product features and updates for our October 2016 release in greater detail below:

New Infer Platform Interface

The new Infer Platform Interface is now live at for all current customers. In order to better streamline the user experience across all of our products, our core offerings are now available together under a single unified experience, including Profile Management, Behavior / Fit Models, and Predictive Lead Generation (Net-New). We’ve also enhanced many of these products by providing additional data and insights in the solution, such as:


Predictive Lead Generation for Accounts and Contacts with Infer Signals



New Interfaces for Infer Profile Management and Infer Predictive Scoring Models

Behavior Model Support for Infer Glance

Infer Glance Sales Intelligence surfaces the top signals, firmographic and technographic details about a prospect directly in the Salesforce record to help reps understand why they are are good fit to buy your products. By adding behavior model support, Infer Glance can now surface activity trends and intent signals directly in the Salesforce records so your reps know when your prospects are ready to buy and what content drove them to convert.


Infer Glance Sales Intelligence for Salesforce with Behavior Insights

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