Profile Management Product Updates: Net-New Profile Builder, Additional Signals, and More

This month we announced the release of Infer’s Profile Management Platform to general availability, as well as the addition of the Net-New Profile Builder. We’re excited to share more details about these product updates below.


Net-New Profile Builder

Infer’s Net-New Profile Builder is an extension of the recently launched Infer Profile Management platform, and helps companies expand beyond their existing pool of prospects by analyzing outside data signals to identify new leads and accounts outside their current database.

Predictive Demand Generation for Account-Based Marketing



200 New Signals

This month, we added over 200 new technographic signals, including conditions like “Behind Firewall Technologies” and “Website Technologies.” The system combines these signals, as well as thousands of other internal and external signals, to allow sales and marketing teams to build data-rich, descriptive customer profiles.

200 New Technographic Signals

Below are a few examples of “Behind Firewall Technologies” technographic signals:

  • CAD
  • Website Analytics & Tracking
  • HRIS Applications
  • Expense Management

Click here to view the full list of newly added signals to Profile Management.




Account & Opportunity Profiles

As a reminder, Infer Profile Management now allows you to build profiles over Opportunities and Accounts, as well as Leads and Contacts. Customers use these new object types to enhance their Account-Based Marketing efforts (Account profiles) and decrease cycle time between Opportunity stages (Opportunity profiles).

Predictive Account Scoring for Account-Based Marketing

Clone Profile

The newly added Cloning feature allows you to utilize an existing profile as a template for further hyper-segmentation. For example, let’s say you want to create a ‘VP of Marketing’ profile for each of your territories. To do this, simply open the ‘VP of Marketing’ profile you’ve already created, add the correct name and region value, the click the SAVE AS button.


Help Center

The Infer Help Center  now includes a section dedicated to Infer’s Profile Management Platform. The Help Center will be continuously updated with ‘How To’ guides and answers to customer- requested FAQ’s.

Infer Predictive MarketingHelp Center


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