Sales 2.0 Conference – May 5-6

Sales 2.0

We’re really looking forward to Sales 2.0, Monday and Tuesday of next week. It is taking place at the Four Seasons Hotel.

If you’re able to attend, Infer is hosting a session on Moneyball for Sales featuring Jim Herbold, the former EVP of Sales at Box, and Suresh Khanna, SVP of Sales and Operations at AdRoll. It takes place Monday 1:15-1:55 pm.

Here are a couple of the other sessions at Sales 2.0 that should be interesting;

  • Real-Time Marketing & PR: David Meerman Scott, World-renowned Marketing Strategist and Best-selling Author.
  • New Trends in Sales-Performance Improvement for Sales Leaders: Tiffani Bova, Vice President, Distinguished Analyst, Gartner.
  • Aligning Sales and Marketing into a Single, Cohesive Sales-Acceleration Machine: Matt Heinz, President, Heinz Marketing.

Moneyball for Sales

Monday1:15-1:55 pm @ the Four Seasons San Francisco

The easiest way to increase the batting average for all your reps is to ensure they’re swinging at only strikes. Today forward-thinking sales organizations have figured out that they can use data to accurately predict which leads or accounts will turn into great customers. What is so exciting is that it’s easier than you think. Virtually any company can do it. But those who get there first will likely come out on top. Hear from two highly respected sales leaders about the impact that predictive scoring has had on their business and why it has them one step ahead of the competition.

Jamie Grenney, VP of Marketing, Infer
Jim Herbold, Former EVP of Sales, Box
Suresh Khanna, SVP of Sales & Operations, AdRoll


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