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Since we launched Infer, we’ve often been asked whether we’d reveal the awesome signals that go into our predictive lead scoring engine. Over these last three years, we’ve honed our core models and been relentless about finding new sources of data – striking partnerships, crawling the web, and amassing a library with thousands of unique signals. We’ve done all of this primarily to further improve the accuracy of our scoring. However, we recognize that these signals can be applied to lots of other sales and marketing use cases, so today we’re happy to announce the availability of our Infer Smart Signals™ service.

Infer Smart Signals give you a richer, fuller view of your prospects with details from our huge library of signals. You can add more insight into your leads, contacts, or accounts by pulling information that we’ve discovered to be highly predictive – like company size, technology vendors, web traffic, business model, industry, spam detection, etc. – right into your CRM or marketing automation systems.

At Infer, we’ve already dealt with tons of data quality, reconciliation, matching (for example, detecting that “IBM” is the same as “International Business Machines”), and missing data problems. We leverage numerous sources of raw data, and use advanced information retrieval and machine learning techniques (think Google, where our co-founders come from) to transform all this great data we’ve aggregated into actionable “signals.” We’ve even built algorithms that detect how serious a potential buyer is based on how they fill in your web form. Our data science ensures we’re providing not only a more complete picture of your prospect or customer, but the most accurate one as well.

List of Available Signals

Much of this data has never been offered as a service before, and can supercharge all kinds of sales and marketing activities. For example, you can:

  • Segment leads for highly personalized communications: Both sales and marketing teams can dramatically increase their impact by tailoring one-to-one messaging for prospects. For example, with Infer Smart Signals you could run a targeted campaign for every lead that sells globally, has a large website, uses Amazon Web Services, etc.

Infer Smart Signals - Marketo

  • Lift the burden off your inside sales reps: Companies waste a lot of time just weeding through spammy or low-quality leads to get to the good ones. Plenty of people might just want your free trial, so they type in fake contact information to get through your web form. Our Infer Smart Signals makes it easy to filter those leads out before they ever reach your reps.

  • Boost productivity by automating sales research: Many inside sales teams are also tasked with manually looking up key fields that marketing or sales operations wants to capture. Infer Smart Signals constantly crawl the web and instantaneously populate information such as a lead’s employee count, Web technology, marketing automation system, and other valuable customer intelligence – without your reps lifting a finger.

Infer Smart Signals - Lead Record

  • Give reps the secret weapon of instant sales insight: With a complete view of each prospect, your reps can stay focused on making sales calls and converting customers vs. all the prep work it takes to be well informed before contacting a brand new lead. Infer Smart Signals will tell reps at a glance whether their prospect is a B2B or B2C company, has a shopping cart on their site, is hiring in certain areas, etc., so they can make each contact count.

It is exciting to see all the different ways our customers are putting Smart Signals to use. Brennan O’Donnell, the VP of Sales at SurveyMonkey, explains that:

surveymonkey-logo“Infer Smart Signals will allow SurveyMonkey to directly apply Infer’s intelligence towards transforming our sales processes, including lead prioritization, sales messaging and segmentation reporting. Infer’s unique signals include data points that wouldn’t make sense for companies to build on their own, and it’s very exciting to see the company opening up its proprietary modeling to customers. What they’re doing represents the future of the data-driven business.”

We have a mantra at Infer: “Be vicious getting data.” We’re aggregating every signal we can mine to help identify which leads will likely convert – you name it and we likely have it or are crawling it as we speak.

Starting today, we’re making Infer Smart Signals available as either a stand-alone service, or an add-on for use alongside our predictive lead scoring models. Either way, it is quick and easy to get up and running with simple connectors for Salesforce, Eloqua, Marketo or whatever system you use. Give it a shot, and get a fuller picture of your customer now!

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