Whats New at Infer in 2016

Originally published on TrustRadius

Over the last year, $242 million in venture funding has flowed into B2B predictive marketing. That is great validation that we’re on the edge of a mega trend that could be every bit as big as cloud, social, or mobile.

At Infer we feel fortunate to have gotten out front and had time to build up tribal wisdom. By working with lots of forward-thinking companies, we’ve been able to learn the edge cases, improve the technology, and develop playbooks for success. Just as we saw with Salesforce, the community you attract and the success of your customers is the catalyst for growth.

About a year back we had a realization that scoring alone was not enough to win this market. From working with customers we knew that you can have a great predictive model, and that is critically important, but a score by itself is not enough. It is the applications of the scores that unlocks value.

So to get ahead of the competition, we made a strategic bet. We split off a big chunk of our engineering team to build a new stealth product. One that takes predictive models to the next level, but interestingly enough, doesn’t require predictive models. It accelerates a customer’s time-to-value, elevates the plateau, and is applicable to companies of all sizes. It’s a lightweight platform that runs alongside Salesforce or your marketing automation app, pumping out intelligent recommendations on how to hit your number and what messages to use.

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