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Artificial intelligence is the fuel your account-based marketing strategy is missing

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Unlock The Power Of Your Data

Turn your ABM playbooks into actionable pipeline with predictive account selection

Your target account list makes or breaks the success of your ABM strategy. Go after accounts you can win every time with Infer’s predictive account selection.

Infer uses machine learning to unlock the secret signals in your database to show you exactly which accounts are the best fit for your product, and who within those accounts is likely to buy.

With advanced data modeling of your buyer and their journey you can:

    Fit Scoring

    Infer fit models automatically research every prospect and identify those that are a good fit to buy your product.

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    Behavior Scoring

    Infer’s behavioral models mine the full spectrum of activity data inside your marketing automation platform to help you identify which prospects are in-market ready to buy.

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    Account-Based Marketing

    Infer's predictive platform is the fastest, most effective way to define high value profiles for sales and marketing to focus on.

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    Predictive Lead Generation

    Fuel account-based marketing and outbound efforts by feeding high-potential lists of accounts and contacts into the top of your funnel.

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How it works

  • Plug in your databases

    Connect Infer to your CRM and marketing automation platform.

  • Append thousands of data points to each record

    Infer instantly enriches your database with thousands of demographic, firmographic and technographic data points. We’ll also instantly match individual records to their account.

  • Use machine learning to model your ideal target

    Infer pairs you with a data scientist to create machine learning models of your unique ideal account profile and the behavior triggers that can tell you they’re ready to buy.

  • Automatically generate a list of target accounts

    Infer generates a list of accounts that fit the profiles where you’ve had the best success.

What Does Predictive Modeling Look Like?

A 360° view of your customer and their buying journey

  • Fit Model:

    Fit Model:

    A perfect understanding of your target buyer

  • Behavior Model:

    Behavior Model:

    Uncover the hidden buying signals in your prospects’ behavior

  • Predictive Matrix:

    Predictive Matrix:

    A map of who is likely to buy and when

Real Results

In days, not months

  • 9.6x

    Conversion Improvement

  • 51%

    Won Business from “A” Lead

  • 30%

    Higher Deal Size

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