Fire Up Your Pipeline

Achieve your pipeline targets with truly predictive lead scoring.


Turn your ABM playbooks into actionable pipeline with predictive account selection

Your target account list makes or breaks the success of your ABM strategy. Go after accounts you can win every time with Infer’s predictive account selection .

Infer uses machine learning to unlock the secret signals in your database to show you exactly which accounts are the best fit for your product, and who within those accounts is likely to buy.

With advanced data modeling of your buyer and their journey you can:

Accurately Identify Your Best Targets

Use machine learning to automatically build your target account list of companies that are not only a perfect fit for your business, but will produce higher recurring revenue.

Prioritize Deals
You Can Win

Increase sales & marketing productivity by running your plays on accounts that are statistically most likely to convert.

Personalize Your Outreach

Gain key insight into account buyer profiles to plan better sales conversations and improve the customer experience.

Increase Your
Win Rate

Give your sales team the power to know who to call and when. With predictive behavior modeling, you can know which prospects at your target companies are giving off buying signals.

Are you ready to supercharge your ABM strategy?

Make every element in your playbook from demand gen and outbound to nurture and
sales meetings more effective at generating closed wons.

  1. Fit Scoring

    Infer fit models automatically research every prospect and identify those that are a good fit to buy your product.

  2. Behavior Scoring

    Infer’s behavioral models mine the full spectrum of activity data inside your marketing automation platform to help you identify which prospects are in-market and ready to buy.

  3. Account-Based Marketing

    Infer’s predictive platform is the fastest, most effective way to define high-value profiles for sales and marketing to focus on.

  4. Predictive Lead Generation

    Fuel account-based marketing and outbound efforts by feeding high-potential lists of accounts and contacts into the top of your funnel.


Plug in your databases

Connect Infer to your CRM (and marketing automation platform, if you use one).

Append thousands of data points to each record

Infer instantly enriches your database with thousands of demographic, firmographic and technographic data points. We’ll also instantly match individual records to their account.

Use machine learning to model the ideal target for everything you sell

Infer pairs you with a data scientist to create machine learning models of the ideal account profile for every product or add-on in your portfolio.

Automatically generate a list of target accounts

Infer generates a list of accounts that fit the profiles where you’ve had the best success.

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A 360° view of your customer and their buying journey

Fit Model:

A perfect understanding of your target buyer

Behavior Model:

Uncover the hidden buying signals in your prospects’ behavior

Predictive Matrix:

A map of who is likely to buy and when


In days, not months

9.6 x
Conversion Improvement
51 %
Won Business from “A” Lead
30 %
Higher Deal Size

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How is Infer different than traditional lead scoring?

    Many marketing automation systems support lead scoring. So how is Infer different?

    • Infer adds thousands of signals mined from across the web and your website
    • Infer applies machine learning to weigh each signal appropriately
    • Infer is able to automatically adjust to new signal and market dynamics
    • Infer can accurately determine “fit” on the first touch

    For more information on what sets Infer apart, click here.

  • 2. What external signals does Infer track?

    Our system pulls in several thousands of external signals, going well beyond what most organizations track in or other CRM and marketing automation tools.

    Broadly speaking, Infer gets these signals from three sources: crawling the web, purchasing data and inferring signals from raw data sources.

    For more specific examples of the external data we use In Infer’s models, click here.

  • 3. Does predictive scoring work if I’ve got bad data?

    Our platform was designed to handle bad data. All that we really need to build the model is historical outcomes (which prospects converted and which prospects went on to become customers). We don’t require super clean customer profile data.

    To learn more about what data we need, click here.

  • 4. Does predictive scoring work if I’m trying to enter a new market?

    The short answer is yes. Predictive scoring can be extremely helpful in breaking into new markets.

    To find out more about the value predictive lead scoring can offer to someone pushing into a new market, click here.

  • 5. Which is more important when scoring leads, fit or behavior?

    While both ingredients provide valuable data points, the first question to ask about any lead is fit — does it look like your existing customers? If the prospect is not a fit for your product, it doesn’t matter how engaged they are; they’re not likely to buy.

    To learn more on how a fit-first approach increases the quality of your pipeline, click here.