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The best Account-Based Marketing and Sales strategies require a system of intelligence to help you focus on the right accounts.

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Powering Account-Based Strategies for the Smartest Companies

Mike Leyden
“Infer’s Account-Based Scoring is a critical component of our ABM and global upmarket strategies, and ensures that go-to-market teams are prioritizing and engaging our best-fit accounts with the highest revenue potential.”
Mike Leyden VP of Global Inside Sales at Ntitro
Joe Chernov
“What I like best about Infer is that it brings together sales and marketing into one aligned team. Predictive models help us begin our ABM approach with the right set of target accounts so sales and marketing can work together to quickly and efficiently engage the best opportunities.”
Joe Chernov VP of Marketing at InsightSquare
Matthew Bellows
“Infer serves a very important purpose to our business. Predictive Account-Based Scoring gives us a scalable and programmatic way to prioritize our high inbound lead flow so that sales reps can focus their energy on engaging the best-fit accounts -- boosting sales velocity and driving revenue for the business.”
Matthew Bellows CEO at Yesware
Allison MacLeod
“We use Infer’s predictive Account-Based models to prioritize our best-fit accounts, drive more effective targeting for territory planning with our sales team and evaluate the effectiveness of our marketing programs. This approach ensures equal distribution of quality accounts, and marketing can focus on executing the most impactful ABM programs.”
Allison MacLeod Senior Director, Demand Generation & Marketing Operations
Mark Farnell
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Mark Farnell RVP of Marketing Operations at NewVoiceMedia

The System of Intelligence for ABM

Infer centralizes and joins your data from disparate sources to drive actionable insights.

Predictive Account-Based Intelligence Graph
Identify Account to Opportunity
Identify icon


Build your target account list that is a good fit for your business and offers the highest average contract value.

Identify Account to Opportunity
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Increase sales & marketing productivity by focusing engagement on accounts that are most likely to convert.

Prioritize by Lead Score Prioritize by Lead Score
Personalize the Account Buyer Experience
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Gain key insight into account buyer profiles to plan better sales conversations and improve the customer experience.

Personalize the Account Buyer Experience

Account-Based Predictive scoring offers a better way to prioritize accounts. By using machine learning to build predictive models, your team can benefit from multiple scores to determine who and when to sell to. With the scores from these models, your team knows which accounts are the best fit for your brand, and which individuals in those accounts are exhibiting behaviors indicating that they’re ready to purchase.

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When your business relies on outbound prospecting to named accounts to drive revenue, sales reps need to go after the best accounts first. If territories aren’t assigned to reflect the distribution of these top-scoring accounts, some members of the sales team will have more promising prospects than others. Infer lets you make decisions on territory assignment based on where your top accounts are, giving each rep an equal shot at closing new business.

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If your sales team is judging prospective accounts by lead scores alone, they won’t have a clear picture of which opportunities are most likely to close. An account-based strategy requires understanding fit at the account level then using that information to follow up on promising leads within each prospective company.

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Today’s average purchasing decision involves around 5-6 decision makers. But some of them won’t engage with sales until relatively late in the cycle. In the meantime, marketing must uncover the range of influencers for a specific account and decide how and when to move them through the pipeline. Without predictive analytics at the account level, this process requires a great deal of research and guesswork.

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“Infer allows our sales team to quickly and accurately make determinations about the validity of a potential account. It reduces the time needed to research through lots of different tools and allows our team to identify the best possible opportunities in our pipeline with ease. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is currently trying to scale a new sales team, (as we are), or increasing the efficiency of an existing one.”
Julian Cockerham Windsor Circle
“Infer has helped my operations efforts in bubbling up the good fit accounts and keeping the bad fit accounts out of view. Without it, they would all be mixed together and it would be much harder - dare I say impossible - for my reps to use their time wisely.”
Zoe Silverman Yesware

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