Net New Lead Generation

Predictive Lead Generation

Fuel account-based marketing and outbound efforts by feeding high-potential lists of Accounts and Contacts into the top of your funnel.

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Net New Lead Generation

Open Architecture for Scoring Lists

Discover Pontential Buyers

Discover your world of potential buyers by sourcing scored lead lists from a variety of sources:

  • Infer’s proprietary B2B database
  • 3rd-party data partners
  • Your preferred data vendors
  • Intent data providers
  • Generic CSVs
Step 1

Build a custom predictive model

Step 2

Connect your data

Step 3

Identify top prospects

  • Stream of Prioritized
  • Stream of Prioritized
  • Stream of Prioritized

Deliver a Steady Stream of Prioritized Prospects

Create a standardized process for evaluating data vendors and lead lists.

  • Evaluate list quality upfront and only pay for the best leads
  • Push Net-New Leads directly into Salesforce
  • Increase outbound productivity by ensuring reps are only swinging at strikes
  • Reduce time wasted having reps manually add prospects to Salesforce
Scott Broomfield

Instead of purchasing tens of thousands of leads and manually slugging through them, Infer helps us programmatically evaluate list quality upfront and only pay for the best leads.

Not only will this save us time and energy, it will also assure that our sales team can focus on the right prospects.

- Scott Broomfield, CMO Xactly
Expanding Your Footprint
in a SMB Market


Read how Belly uses predictive lead generation to accelerate expansion in an SMB market.

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