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List Scoring

Infer uses machine learning to analyze purchased lists to validate whether they’re actually the right fit for your product. Instantly score each name on the list and only pay for the best leads. Increase the effectiveness of your account-based marketing and outbound programs.

How List Scoring Works

Connect To Your Databases

Connect Infer to your Marketing Automation Platform and CRM with a live API connection.

Validate your purchased lists

Run your purchased lists against your custom predictive model to see if the names are a good fit for your product.

Automatically score each new record

Infer automatically scores each new record in the list and feeds it back into your CRM and marketing automation platform. And, as an add-on, you can also import a CSV file and get the file back with the Infer scores added.

Want to see how this plays out with your own data?

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Yes, we connect to your tech stack

Infer’s flexible API library connects to just about anything, including all top CRMs and marketing automation platforms. Your reps will be able to see scoring and key signals right on each record.

Instead of purchasing tens of thousands of leads and manually slugging through them, Infer helps us programmatically evaluate list quality upfront and only pay for the best leads.

Not only will this save us time and energy, it will also assure that our sales team can focus on the right prospects.

Scott Broomfield CMO of Xactly

  • +12x

    conversion rate

  • +3x

    average deal size

  • +4x

    return on investment

  • +19%

    sales effort saved

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Supercharge your sales and marketing productivity in days, not months.

“When you can accurately predict which prospects are worth targeting and where to place your bets, these outbound strategies can be an excellent complement to inbound marketing.”

Learn how to validate your purchased lists and use predictive list scoring to transform your outbound campaigns in our eBook.

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