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Profile Management Product Update: Marketo Activities, Accounts & Opportunity Profiles and Salesforce Campaign Integration

How to use Account-Based Marketing in Prospect Management

This month we have several new updates to share with you regarding our Prospect Management Platform (PMP).

Marketo Activities

Infer’s Profile Management Platform now supports Marketo as a data source. For example, you can now pull and snapshot behavioral data such as clicks, emails, form submits, etc, to use as conditions when building your ideal customer profile. If you are interested in activating this feature in your Prospect Management instance please contact pmp-support@localhost/crossover/infer

How to use Marketo Activities in Prospect Management

Account and Opportunity Profiles

We have added support for two additional new Profile types: Accounts and Opportunities. To try out these new objects for yourself:

  • Login to Prospect Management
  • Navigate to the Profiles tab
  • Click the  + CREATE button to see these new objects live

Common use cases for these object types are Account-Based Marketing (Accounts) and tagging deals before they fall out of the funnel (Opportunities).

How to use Account-Based Marketing in Prospect Management

Salesforce Campaign Integration

Profiles built with Campaign data lend insights into which of your marketing channels deliver the highest performing prospects. Note: You may need to provide Infer with Campaign table visibility to get access to this feature. Please contact us for more information.

Salesforce Campaign Integration with Infer Prospect Management


Have questions or interested in getting a live demo of Profile Management? Contact us here to get in touch.