Go Beyond Scoring with Profile Management

Accurately segment and target prospects across multiple databases using Infer’s data cloud.

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Three Common Use Cases

Account-Based Marketing Icon Account-Based Marketing
  • Define high-value account segments & personas
  • Find Net-New accounts and contacts
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SocialTables Logo

Social Tables uses Profiles to help identify high-value accounts that have abandoned their free-trial. These accounts are flagged as having a high potential for conversion based on several factors including internal data about the trial and external data points provided by Infer such as industry, revenue and technologies in use.

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Personalized Engagement Icon Personalized Engagement
  • Notify sales with clear content recommendations
  • Route qualified leads directly to sales for engagement
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Mindflash Logo

When rolling out a new product built specifically for Salesforce users, Mindflash used Profiles to segment its existing customer user base. Through an integration with Zapier and Intercom, these customers were then targeted with custom messaging when they signed into the Mindflash interface, and were alerted to the new Salesforce package.

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Field Marketing and Campaigns Icon Field Marketing and Campaigns
  • Activate high-potential, dormant prospects
  • Hyper-target profiles to increase campaign engagement
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Looker Logo

Looker was able to increase event attendance by 20% by targeting customers in specific regions through the use of Infer Profile Management. The marketing team at Looker started out by building Profiles that combined location with the use of Amazon Web Services. Then, these prospects were sent highly targeted messaging about local events that the Looker team was hosting to showcase the value that Looker’s products can bring to users of Amazon Web Service databases.

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Getting Started

Connect Icon Connect

Easily connect all of your data from CRM & Marketing Automation systems using Infer’s pre-built connectors for:

  • Salesforce
  • Marketo
  • Eloqua
  • Google Analytics
  • Predictive Models
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Define Icon Define

Build Profiles over your data and enhanced with Infer’s external data cloud to:

  • Identify your highest performing segments
  • Enrich your databases with high quality data
  • Promote a shared vocabulary across teams through Profiles

Engage Icon Engage

Publish Profile tags to enhance your systems with advanced segmentation so that you can:

  • Target your messaging to specific segments across channels
  • Improve nurture campaigns by providing relevant content
  • Develop advanced logic and routing based on Profiles to ensure no lead is left behind
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ABM Framework

ABM Framework

Learn how to use Infer’s Profile Management Platform to create a sound ABM strategy.

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ABM Framework

How Profile Management is Evolving in a Predictive World

Read how predictive is reinventing how businesses approach Profile Management.

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ABM Framework

Guide to Getting Started with Profile Management

Determine where you are in your path to predictive through real world examples, and understand where Infer’s platform fits into your journey.

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