Rapid7 Discusses Shift to Predictive-Driven Sales and Marketing

Our friends at Marketing Over Coffee recently interviewed one of our fantastic customers, Allison MacLeod from Rapid7. A provider of security data and analytics solutions, the publicly traded company has experienced major growth in recent years and needed a better way to qualify best-fit prospects. In this podcast, Allison talks account-based marketing, achieving sales and marketing alignment, and how Infer has helped Rapid7 shift to a quality-over-quantity approach.

Listen to the interview here, or check out some excerpts from Allison’s interview below.

“We have also sparked a bigger engagement with account-based marketing this year across certain segments of our sales organization in North America, and that’s something that we have a bigger focus on, so for these larger accounts, we really help the sales rep get in there, map these accounts, understand what they need, how we can work hand-in-hand with the sales team to help both influence and direct the pipeline to continue to grow the business.”

“Infer has been a great tool for us because it really helps us to focus on the quality and to know what is the predictability of this buyer, but also be able to pull those different levers of when we need to scale back and pull back more or let more through. That’s something that’s been, I would say, one of our biggest factors of how we’re defining qualified leads today.”

“I think volume can be a good and a bad thing. That’s just one of the reasons why we ended up investing in Infer… For us there was just a lot of noise in the system and we had to get to who is our ideal buyer, and really focus on the quality of what we get over to sales.”

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