A Guide To Evaluating Your Predictive Lead Scoring Models

“In order for your sales reps to trust predictive scores and invest the proper amount of time into the leads you send them, it’s critical to demonstrate the accuracy, efficacy and performance of your model.”

Discover everything you need to know about evaluating your lead scoring in our eBook, “How To Analyze Predictive Models For B2B Sales & Marketing.”

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Generate Quality Leads

Compare Lead Conversions

Infer breaks your leads down into four buckets, ranked from the leads most likely to convert to the least likely. No more guessing which channels are producing the best leads.

Invest Your Time In The Best Leads

Your sales team can see how the different buckets of leads perform vs. your average. Your sales reps can spend their time on A and B leads, which are most likely to convert.

Weed Out Bad Leads

Infer helps ensure your database stays healthy by automatically filtering out most spam and leads that are a poor fit. This keeps your A and B lead buckets clean.

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