Predictive Lead Scoring Offers Value Beyond Marketing, Sales

“Once companies achieve success from leveraging predictive scores in their sales and marketing programs, they find even more innovative ways for predictive to unlock value across the business. One direction to consider is to pull this customer insight into new areas like customer support and even product management.”

Discover how predictive can offer additional value across the business in our eBook, “Using Predictive To Improve Free Trial Conversion.”

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Revenue-Driving Insights

Use Predictive Intelligence Organization-Wide

Infer’s predictive lead scores can also provide helpful customer insight for other departments like customer support and product management.

Go Beyond Your MAP

Infer’s scores can also be used in other systems like Zendesk to get customer insights in front of other key employees.

Use Predictive To Shape Your Product Roadmap

Smart companies are always looking for more data to drive their business decisions. Infer’s predictive lead scores provide additional data points to help guide the creation of your product roadmap.

Supercharge Your Pipeline