Predictive Scoring Optimizes Inbound, Outbound Channels To Expand Business

“More and more companies are adopting Account-Based Marketing practices. When you can accurately predict which prospects are worth targeting and where to place your bets, these outbound strategies can be an excellent complement to inbound marketing.”

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Revenue-Driving Insights

Use Predictive Intelligence To Prioritize Sales Responses

One company used Infer’s predictive lead scores to trigger email responses from its sales reps, ensuring that their reps contact the best leads in an hour vs. the eight hours it takes for other leads.

Use Predictive To Fuel Outbound Sales

Infer’s scores can also be used to improve the efficiency of outbound campaigns. By using its list scoring feature, you can filter out any leads that are a poor fit.

Align Lead Effort With Impact

By focusing on their efforts on the Infer A- and B- leads, sales reps are able to significantly improve their conversion rates – often from 3x to 5x. With this conversion boost, companies also increase sales 30% or more.

Supercharge Your Pipeline