How Predictive Lead Scoring Outperforms Traditional Methods

“Instead of manually adding points for a given action, Infer’s behavioral scoring models use powerful machine learning to mine the full spectrum of activity data inside your marketing automation platform. Sales and marketing teams can then use behavioral scores to predict which prospects will convert in the next three weeks.”

Learn more about how predictive lead scoring can transform your marketing and sales operations in our eBook, “What’s The Difference Between Traditional And Predictive Lead Scoring?”

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Revenue-Driving Insights

The Power Of Behavior Scoring

Infer uses machine learning to weigh your prospects’ signals appropriately, creating a model that your sales and marketing teams can be confident about.

A Trusted Roadmap

Infer gives you a simple matrix that identifies your best leads, giving your sales reps a clear roadmap of who they should contact first and who’s not worth calling.

Pull Good Leads Out Of Nurture

Infer’s predictive lead scoring also helps you find those good leads that may be stuck in nurture, bringing them back to the attention of the sales reps.

Supercharge Your Pipeline