Intent Data’s Role In Marketing Is Key For Predictive Lead Scoring

“We’ve found that for most companies, the biggest opportunity to unlock value is to start with a world-class fit model and layer in a behavioral model based on marketing automation data and advanced machine learning.”

Learn more about the critical role intent data plays in predictive in our eBook, “What’s The Deal With Intent Data?”

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Revenue-Driving Insights

Get More From First-Party Data

First-party data captures the activity of your prospects on your own website, giving you valuable insight into their likelihood of buying soon.

Unlock Value With A Fit, Behavior Scoring Model

Infer helps you unlock the value of your own data with fit and behavior models that show you which leads are the best fit and who’s most likely to buy in the next three weeks.

Align Sales Effort With Impact

Using fit and behavior models, sales reps can focus their efforts on Infer A- and B-leads. This allows them to stop wasting time on leads that are a poor fit and improves conversions and sales.

Supercharge Your Pipeline