How to Increase Targeted Opportunities with ABM Display Advertising + AI


Abm display advertising and artificial intelligence

Get expert tips on reducing marketing waste and increasing efficiency with guidance from top ABM experts Mani Iyer and Sean Zinmeister.

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Kelly J. Waffle

VP of Marketing, Kwanzoo


  • Sean Zinsmeister

    VP of Product Marketing, Infer

  • Mani Iyer

    CEO, Kwanzoo

Learn how to incorporate account-based marketing and AI strategies and elevate your marketing by:

  • Using ABM to focus your marketing spend
  • Increasing targeting accuracy with AI & predictive analytics
  • Start using ABM display advertising
  • Combining ABM display and AI

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About The Presenter

As CEO and co-founder of Kwanzoo, Mani leads the day-to-day sales, product development, and operations of the company. Previous to Kwanzoo, he founded a software business acquired by Oracle/PeopleSoft. Mani is a serial entrepreneur and experienced industry speaker with expertise in account-based marketing, demand generation, B2B marketing and advertising

Mani Iyer

CEO, Kwanzoo

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