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Infer takes the mystery out of lead scores. See exactly what’s behind every score with a simple explanation attached to every Salesforce record. No black boxes - we show you exactly why this lead is ready to convert. Give your sales team the information they need to close more deals.

Reveal Infer scores directly on your leads

Increase Rep Performance. Drive more productive conversations while cutting down on research time by using our detailed summary of intelligence on each lead, contact, account and opportunity in Salesforce.

With Infer's Glance, you can

  • Speed up deal progression
  • Increase new pipeline
  • Reduce research time
  • Train new reps faster
  • Drive better informed sales conversations

How Predictive Account Scoring Works

Plug in your databases

Connect Infer to your CRM and marketing automation platform.

Append thousands of data points to each record

Automatically enrich your database with thousands of demographic, firmographic and technographic data points.

Use machine learning to model your customer

Infer pairs you with a data scientist to create machine learning models of your unique ideal customer and the behavior triggers that can tell you they’re ready to buy.

Automatically score each new record

Infer automatically scores each new record in your database and feeds it back to your CRM and marketing automation platform.

Get detailed information on every lead

Get a unique summary of each lead right in Salesforce so you can see exactly how your sales reps can target them.

Improve your sales conversations

Empower your sales reps with all the data they need to have better informed sales conversations and close more deals.

Yes, we connect to your tech stack

Infer’s flexible API library connects to just about anything, including all top CRMs and marketing automation platforms. Your reps will be able to see scoring and key signals right on each record.

Infer is a key enabler of our data-driven culture, and Infer Glance makes predictive lead scoring even easier to deploy throughout our sales and marketing teams. The insights and predictions that Infer provides us are key to finding high-value prospects for sales and marketing to prioritize.

Chris Turley Head of Revenue Operations

Supercharge your sales and marketing productivity in days, not months.

“By filtering out the noise and focusing reps where they’ve got the best shot at winning, you can unlock enormous value for your company.”

Learn how segmenting your leads will help your sales reps laser focus on only the best opportunities and stop wasting time on leads that are just deadweight in our eBook, “Sales Prioritization: Aligning Effort With Impact.”

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