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Hear from Our Customers

"Infer has delivered amazing results for us, such as tripling our average deal size and quadrupling our lead conversion rate."

Kevin Gaither, VP of Inside Sales

How The Model Works

Every company who uses Infer has their own unique model. We use historical backtesting to ensure they are highly predictive. The typical model has hundreds of signals so if one signal is a little bit off, it shouldn't have a significant impact on the overall score.

Hear from Our Customers

"We love data, so it's exciting to see Infer use powerful signals crawled from the web that we never would have discovered."

Elissa Fink, Chief Marketing Officer

Instant Insight Into Campaign Performance

Run smarter campaigns, predict performance and make real-time adjustments. Surface good leads that are getting missed or sitting in nurture.

Hear from Our Customers

"We've more than doubled our pipeline in less than 45 days - every B2B marketer will be using this technology in three years."

Connor Fee, VP of Marketing and Strategy

Align Sales Effort with Impact

Increase conversion rate and average deal size across all your reps.

Hear from Our Customers

"Our top 20% of leads contribute 4x as much revenue than our bottom 20% of leads. Infer showed us how to differentiate between the two!"

Franco Anzini, Director of Sales Operations