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Grow Your Pipeline, Closed Deals 2x With SmartFunnel

Infer’s SmartFunnel gives you perfect clarity so you know where your prospects are in the buying journey and how best to push them down the funnel. We also give you a proven contact cadence for leads that are ready to buy. Just follow our recommendations and we guarantee you’ll get a 2x increase in pipeline growth and closed deals in 12 months.

How SmartFunnel Works

Analyze Your Funnel

Infer’s data scientist will use fit and behavior models to align Infer scores to the top, middle and bottom of the funnel stages. This gives you perfect clarity about what stage each lead is in during their buying journey.

Analyze Your Nurture Emails

We’ll analyze the last four months of data from your marketing automation platform to determine which nurture campaigns fueled the most revenue growth.

Identify Top-Performing Emails

Your data scientist will offer a report with recommendations on the top-performing emails at each stage of your funnel. This gives you actionable intelligence on how to push great prospects at the top of the funnel down to the bottom.

Route Your Hottest Leads to Sales

We’ll work with your CRM and MAP operations team to route the hottest leads to sales for immediate follow-up, ensuring that your sales team never misses a potential buyer.

Trigger Nurture Emails Based on Funnel Stage

We’ll work with your marketing team and MAP administrator to set up dynamic email lists based on Infer scores so that you can always send the right email at the right time.

2x Pipeline Growth And Closed Deals, Guaranteed

Infer’s SmartFunnel gives you a clear roadmap to better conversions. Just follow our recommendations on the best-converting nurture tactics and contact cadences for each stage of the funnel and we’ll guarantee that you’ll see 2x growth in your pipeline and closed deals in 12 months. If you don’t see these results, we’ll refund the entire year’s fees for Infer.

Supercharge your sales and marketing productivity with SmartFunnel.