Stack & Flow: The Inspiration Behind Our New Sales & Marketing Technology Podcast

Today, we are excited to announce that we are launching our very own podcast series called Stack & Flow. Hosted by Infer’s Sean Zinsmeister and EventHero’s John Wall, the podcast is designed to be a platform for up and coming thought leaders to share how they’re solving technology and data challenges in modern businesses. With the sales and marketing automation landscape being reimagined everyday, we aim to provide listeners with tangible insights that will enable them to implement innovative programs, tactics and best practices to fuel go-to-market success in real-world scenarios.

Each episode will discuss key news stories and events in the sales and marketing technology space, and feature interviews with the top practitioners, strategists and influencers who are helping to shape a vision for the sales and marketing technology stack of tomorrow.

An Inside Look at “Stack & Flow”

Developing and launching a podcast takes a lot of time, dedication, technical know-how, and — most importantly — the support from many people both inside and outside the business. There’s no one that knows this process better than Infer’s Senior Director of Product Marketing and Stack & Flow co-host, Sean Zinsmeister. To give our listeners the best behind the scenes view, we interviewed Sean to get the inside scoop on what inspired the podcast and how his musical background primed him for the project.

What inspired Stack & Flow, and what makes this podcast different?

John and I recognized that there was a gap in the sales and marketing industry to build a platform where new, fresh voices could share their real-world experience with stack and flow. We wanted to speak with the people on the ground floor that are working hard everyday to build best-of-breed stacks and make them flow together in harmony. These are the true innovators — the ones that are revolutionizing their business processes, growing revenue, and improving the customer experience with technology.

Both John and I are podcast aficionados (John runs one of my favorite podcasts called Marketing Over Coffee), so it was the natural direction for us to take Stack & Flow.

Some folks may not know that you have a musical background, which turned out to be a great asset in the development of this podcast.

Before I got into Marketing, I was a professional sound designer. The most important principle you learn as an audio engineer is signal flow — i.e. how do you create the most ideal signal-to-noise ratio to, simply put, “make it sound good?” This requires the careful technical orchestration of multiple systems. This principle remains foundational to how I think about marketing as well.

You have your stack, and then your flow. Marketers have a bunch of different technologies they need to seamlessly work together, along with a core message to deliver to their target audience. Though your EQ is replaced with segmentation, your sound wave with analytics, you’re still playing to an audience. Your main job remains the same: “Make it sound good.”

What has been the most exciting part of developing Stack & Flow?

The sales and marketing field is awash with so much innovation right now. As is evidenced by this year’s Dreamforce, there’s incredible innovation in artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and the reimagining of automation. We can’t wait to tell the real-world stories of the people who are actually implementing these technologies and are forever changing how their companies do business.

Any parting words for the listeners?

There’s so many angles to think about when you are putting together a show like this. We really wanted to create something that was special. From the interview content, to how listeners are able to interact with the show, right down to the music — our goal was to create a show with with quality baked into every detail, big and small.

And most of all, I truly hope you all enjoy the show!

Listen to the First Episode Now:

A Sneak Peek at Upcoming Interviews:

  • Mike Leyden, VP of Global Inside Sales at Nitro
  • Lauren Licata, VP of Marketing at Belly
  • Jessica Cross, Head of Customer Lifecycle Marketing at AdRoll
  • Isaac Wyatt, Director of Marketing Strategy & Operations at New Relic
  • Evan Liang, CEO at LeanData
  • …and more!

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