Stella Garber of Trello – A Fully Distributed Global Team, Marketing a Horizontal Productivity Tool, and Kanban vs. Post-its [Podcast]

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Guest Bio:

Stella Garber is Product Marketing Lead at Trello. Used by millions around the world, Trello is the visual collaboration tool that gives people perspective on projects. Stella built out Trello’s marketing team and scaled it from day one to Trello’s acquisition by Atlassian earlier this year.

Before Trello, Stella was CEO and cofounder and cofounder of matchist, a marketplace for freelance developers which was acquired in 2015. Stella also ran marketing and was on the founding team of FeeFighters, a venture backed payments startup acquired by Groupon 2012.

Episode Breakdown:

In this episode, Stella tells us about the rise of Trello, including:

  • Being fully distributed and global
  • The challenges of selling a horizontal solution
  • How Trello uses Trello
  • Building corporate culture through communication channels

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