Stop Guessing About Who’s Ready To Buy. Infer Gives You The Answer.

Today, it’s more difficult to sell than ever before. The sales cycle is longer and it’s a challenge to get the attention of your prospects. Even worse, sales reps struggle to know where leads are in the pipeline and who they should reach out to. The question is: How can your reps boost sales and figure out who’s actually ready to buy?

The Biggest Problem In The Sales Process

Sales reps waste a lot of time and resources when they don’t know which leads to follow up on. The truth is, it’s difficult to determine which prospects to focus on, but the success of your sales process depends on it. In fact, most sales require five follow-up calls.  

However, most companies don’t have enough data to help sales reps understand who to follow up with. As a result, they often have to take their best guess, which is not effective. The good news? Companies can solve this problem and transform their sales process with predictive lead scoring. 

How Predictive Lead Scoring Works

Infer breaks down the predictive lead scoring process into a few simple steps. First, Infer pulls in data from your CRM and marketing automation platform (MAP). Next, Infer enriches that data with intelligence from our proprietary database of company information. Then, we use machine learning algorithms to find patterns in your data. This creates a predictive model to identify which prospects are most likely to buy your product and assigns fit and behavioral scores to each one.

This data tells you which prospects are most likely to convert, and which are going to have the biggest revenue impact. You can use the s to filter out bad leads, prioritize follow-up efforts, measure marketing effectiveness and extract more value out of your nurture database.

Benefits Of Predictive Lead Scoring

Here are some of the ways that predictive lead scoring puts an end to guesswork to help your team make more sales.

Only Work Leads That Will Close

Predictive lead scoring will help your sales reps accurately predict which prospects will convert in the near future. This way, your reps can spend more time on the deals that will close. 

Create More Accurate Forecasting

Understanding the value of your leads and their behavior allows you to create a more accurate sales forecast. This makes it possible for your sales team determine which deals are likely to close based on real data, not guesswork. 

Increase Pipeline Velocity

Having data on prospect behavior empowers your sales team to spend more time interacting with high-quality leads and close deals faster. Both of these things can drastically increase your pipeline velocity. 

Get Better Pipeline Visibility

Predictive lead scoring helps you understand what actions contribute to sales and minimize uncertainty.

Never Miss An Opportunity

Many businesses have leads that slip through the cracks. Now, your sales reps can avoid this. With predictive lead scoring, you score every lead, so no good lead gets overlooked. 

Never Waste Time On A Bad Opportunity

This data also helps sales reps avoid wasting time on bad opportunities and deals that won’t close. Predictive lead scoring lets your reps identify the prospects who aren’t ready to buy, so they can move on to the next prospect. 

Stop Guessing, Start Selling

Infers gives you the insights you need to optimize your pipeline and close more deals. Want to learn more about how predictive lead scoring can help you grow revenue? Read our free Guide To Predictive Lead Scoring.

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