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Surfacing Gold from Nurture Programs with Predictive Behavior Scoring

predictive marketing behavior scoring

Many companies that enjoy a healthy inbound lead flow push their top leads to sales reps, and send lower quality leads into a nurture database for marketing follow up. But as these archived leads accumulate, it becomes increasingly difficult for the marketing team to monitor all aging leads and find accounts that have re-engaged. One best practice is to add predictive behavior scoring that can model the full spectrum of activity data being collected by your marketing automation platform. With this insight, you can predict the likelihood of an outcome (e.g. conversion) within a set time period (e.g. next three weeks).

Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to work with amazing companies like Atlassian, Concur and Zendesk that are part of the movement shaping the future of predictive for sales and marketing. This playbook highlights how these companies are resurfacing gold out of nurture by identifying previously disqualified prospects that are worth another look.

predictive marketing behavior scoring

Inside this playbook you’ll learn how to:

  • Establish a manageable process for working high-scoring older leads
  • Find key moments in a lead’s buying cycle and pinpoint the right time(s) to reach out again
  • Operationalize combined fit and behavior scoring with appropriate programs around key segments

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This is a playbook we often recommend when companies are ready to accelerate their predictive journey and add even more value for the business. We also have other playbooks for analyzing a model’s performance, sales prioritization, filtering, aligning sales and marketing, expansion, free trials, and test and invest. If you’d like to learn more, contact us and we’d be happy to connect.