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Using Predictive to Improve B2B Free Trial Conversion

Using Predictive Marketing to Improve B2B Free Trial Conversion

For many companies, offering a free trial is a critical part of their demand gen strategy. Prospects who sign-up and want to experience the product are inherently more likely to convert than those who downloaded content. The key to maximizing this channel is being able to instantly identify high-value trial users so that you can ensure they get the proper attention from day one.

Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to work with amazing companies like AdRoll, Cloudera and Segment that are part of the movement shaping the future of predictive for sales and marketing. This playbook highlights the best practices Segment is using to optimize support for its free trial users.

Using Predictive Marketing to Improve B2B Free Trial Conversion

Inside this playbook you’ll learn how to:

  • Dramatically reduce lead response times using Slack alerts
  • Prioritize Zendesk tickets based on predictive scores
  • Shape the product roadmap using insights from you predictive model

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How uses predictive marketing to improve free trial conversions
This is a playbook we often recommend when companies are ready to accelerate their predictive journey and want to enhance the overall customer experience. We also have other playbooks for analyzing a model’s performance, sales prioritization, filtering, aligning sales and marketing, expansion, nurture, and test and invest. If you’d like to learn more, contact us and we’d be happy to connect.